On this page you will find current rental rates for our construction equipment.

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      Rental rate per day
Vehicle design for 1 day for 1 week for 1 month
Peter Stoffel - Baumaschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge - Miettabelle - Radlader Wheel Loaders
0.9m³ Bucket / Fork 135 € 105 € 80 €
1.2m³ Bucket / Fork 150 € 120 € 90 €
Peter Stoffel - Baumaschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge - Miettabelle - Dumper Dumpers
1.8m³ /Overall width 1.78m 120 € 100 € 80 €
Peter Stoffel - Baumaschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge - Miettabelle - Minibagger Mini Excavators
1.5t 120 € 100 € 80 €
2.5t 140 € 110 € 85 €
3.5t 150 € 120 € 90 €
5.5t 165 € 130 € 100 €
8.0t 185 € 140 € 110 €
Peter Stoffel - Baumaschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge - Miettabelle - Anbaugeräte Attachments
Bucket 8 € 8 € 8 €
Hydraulic tilting bucket 15 € 15 € 15 €
Hammer until 1.5t 25 € 25 € 25 €
Hammer until 2.5t 50 € 50 € 50 €
Hammer until 3.5t 50 € 50 € 50 €
Hammer until 5.5t 80 € 80 € 80 €
Hammer until 8.0t 110 € 110 € 110 €
Peter Stoffel - Baumaschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge - Miettabelle - Großgeräte Heavy Equipment
Tracked Excavators Price on Request
Wheeled Excavators Price on Request
Material Handler Price on Request
Dozer Price on Request
Dump Trucks Price on Request
Rollers Price on Request
Peter Stoffel - Baumaschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge - Miettabelle - Anbaugeräte Other
Vibration plates / vibratory plates (100kg) 40 € 30 € 25 €
Vibration plates / vibratory plates (250kg) 50 € 40 € 35 €
Vibration rammers (70kg) 35 € 30 € 25 €
Trailer (all up weight 3,5t) 35 € 35 € 35 €
Mobile Crusher (all up weight 28t) 740 € (1W / Tag) 720 € (2W / Tag) 620 € (4W / Tag)

All prices are plus VAT from the yard Dreis.
All information without warranty; errors and omissions excepted.
Shortfall diesel 1.50 € / liter.

All rental equipment must be insured with us. For this purpose, the lease insurance is set with the following scope of services and a deductible of € 1,000 net. Starting at a leasing turnover of € 1,000 net and by providing proof of equivalent insurance, rental equipment must not be insured with us.

All details are without guarantee.
Small damage to the machine will be charged to the tenant.
All machines are supplied with a full tank, with the exception of small appliances.
Shortfall in the return can be charged for separately.
Any price list is valid until revoked from 01/08/2014. We are entitled to change the prices at any time.
All prices are rental prices in € per day and net prices excl. VAT.
We calculate additional costs for complicated assignments.
The machines will be delivered cleaned. Dirty machines are cleaned free of charge after return.
All prices are exclusive transportation. Lump transport by customers which results in problems, will be charged for separately.
All offers are subject to change. In cases of high utilization, we will provide comparable machines .
We reserve the right to prior letting or sale.
8 hours of operation
5 working days
22 days
1 day
Friday 5.00pm to 07.30 Monday is a working day
(up to 8 hours of operation)
Attachments and accessories are chargeable.
Standard equipment on mini excavators: 1x Bucket

  1. The landlord agrees to let the tenant to the rental property for the agreed rental period.

  2. The tenant agrees to the rental equipment only as intended use, to observe health and safety regulations as well as relevant Unfallverhütungsund traffic rules carefully, the rent to pay as agreed, to treat the rental equipment properly, and cleaned at the end of the rental period and return with a full tank.

  3. The tenant agrees to permit the Landlord to display the current status and usage location of the rental property.

  1. The landlord is required to return the rented property in perfect operational condition and completely refilled with the required documents.

  2. If the lessor at the beginning of the rental period with the handover in default, the tenant is entitled to compensation. Notwithstanding § 4 No. 1 is the compensation for each workday capped at the amount of daily net rental for slight negligence of the landlord. After a reasonable period, the tenant may withdraw from the contract if the lessor is still at this time in default.

  1. The tenant is entitled to the rental time to visit before arrival and report any defects. The cost of an investigation to the renter.

  2. When transferring apparent defects, which do not impair the intended use, can no longer be reported if they have not been displayed to the landlord in writing, immediately upon investigation. Upon discovery of other existing defects, those must be reported in writing immediately.

  3. The landlord has to eliminate timely reported defects that were present upon delivery. The cost of removing such defects carries the landlord. The landlord may proceed to the removal by the tenant, then the landlord shall bear the necessary costs. The landlord is also entitled to provide the lessee a functionally equivalent rental equipment. The payment obligation of the tenant moves in significant impairment of the leased premises for the necessary repair time.

  4. If the landlord lapses a reasonable grace period for the disposal of an existing deficiency at handover, the tenant has a right of withdrawal. The right to rescind the tenant also exists in other cases of failure of the removal of an existing defect at handover, by the landlord.

  1. Any further claims for damages against the lessor, in particular a compensation for damages that are not caused to the rented property itself can be made by the tenant only valid if

    • for gross negligence or willful misconduct

    • culpable violation of essential contractual obligations insofar as the purpose of the contract is endangered in regards to the contract-typical, foreseeable damage

    • Damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, based on a negligent breach of duty by the landlord or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or agent of the landlord.

    • if the owner is liable under product liability law for personal injury or material damage to privately used objects.

    Any further liability is excluded.

  2. If through the fault of the landlord of the rental property by the tenant as a result of omitted or incorrect execution of lying before or after the conclusion of suggestions and advice, as well as other ancillary contractual obligations - in particular instructions for operation and maintenance of the rental property - can be used according to the contract does not apply, to the exclusion of further claims of tenant, the provisions of § 3 No. 3 and 4 and § 4, No. 1 accordingly.

  1. The calculation of rent is a work time up to 8 hours daily basis. Billing is based on the five-day week (Monday to Friday). Weekend work, additional working hours and difficult missions are reported to the lessor and shall be charged additionally.

  2. The separately calculated VAT has to be paid by the tenant.

  3. The lien and the right to offset the tenant exist only in case of undisputed or legally established counterclaims by the landlord of the tenant, but not in disputed counterclaims.

  4. If the tenant with the payment of an amount due for more than 10 calendar days without a written request for payment, or was a given from the change of tenants to protest, the landlord is entitled to the rental property after the announcement without recourse to the court at the expense of the tenant, the has to give access to the rental equipment and its withdrawal, and to dispose of otherwise. Remain the landlord is entitled to under the contract claims exist, but are the amounts which have been achieved within the agreed contract period about by renting the landlord or could have settled after deduction of the expenses incurred by the retrieval and re-letting.

  5. Overdue amounts are included in the current account in terms of an agreed for deliveries between the parties current account retention of title.

  6. The lessee shall pay the agreed rental price, less any deductions from security deposit, his claims against his employer, is used for the application of the rented property, the landlord min. The landlord accepts the assignment.

  7. In case of default, the rents will not be credited toward the purchase price. Our payment term is 7 days after receipt of invoice.

  8. 80% of the monthly rent will be imputed to the purchase price. Minimum rental period is 3 months.

  1. Resting the work at the work site, for which the equipment is rented, as a result of circumstances which is responsible for neither the tenant nor the principal (eg frost, flood, strike, civil commotion, war, official orders) at least ten consecutive days, so shall apply from 11 Calendar, this time as a style sun time.

  2. The agreed rental period for a definite period shall be extended by the berthing time.

  3. The tenant (see contract front) per cent of the appropriate this time agreed monthly rental basis to a daily shift of 8 hours to pay for the style sun time, if not otherwise agreed, the standard percentage of 75% applies.

  4. The tenant has in writing both to make the setting of the work and of its resumption the Lessor without delay and to demonstrate the style sun time at the request of documents.

  1. The tenant is obliged to,

    1. to protect the rented before overuse in every way;

    2. the appropriate and proper maintenance and care of the rental property to carry out at his expense;

    3. to announce necessary inspection and repair work on time and leave promptly carried out by the landlord. The costs borne by the landlord if the tenant and his assistants have noticed any demonstrable due diligence.

  2. The landlord is entitled to inspect the rental property anytime to investigate after prior consultation with the tenants themselves or to be examined by an officer. The tenant is obliged to facilitate the lessor of investigation in every way. The cost of the investigation bears the landlord.

For rental of the rental with operator, the operator may only operate the leased premises, not to other works, are used. In case of damage caused by the operator, the owner is liable only if he has the operator is not properly selected. In addition, the tenant is liable.

  1. The tenant is obligated to indicate the intended return of the rental property to the landlord well in advance (free report).

  2. The rental period ends on the day on which the rental item arrives with all the information necessary for its commissioning parts in ordnungsund contract fair condition in the storage area of the landlord or some other designated destination, but not before the expiration of the contract; Last § 5 No 4 clause applies accordingly.

  3. The tenant has to return the rented in working refueled and cleaned state, or held for pickup; § 7 No. 1b) and 1c) shall apply accordingly.

  4. The return delivery must be made in sufficient time during normal business hours of the landlord that the landlord is in a position, nor to consider the rental on this day.

  1. If the rented returned in a state that indicates that the tenant of its proposed in § 7 maintenance obligation is not fulfilled, there is a payment obligation of the tenant in the amount of the rent as compensation until the end of the breach of contract failure to repair.

  2. The scope of the represented by the tenant defects and damage must be notified to the tenant and it is to give him an opportunity for review. The cost of the necessary repair work to remedy the deficiencies are giving up part of the landlord to the tenant in an estimated amount possible before starting any repair work.

  3. The proper return of the rental property is deemed accepted by the landlord, if visible defects with timely return delivery within the meaning of § 9 No. 4 does not immediately and otherwise, and have not objected when other defects within 14 calendar days after arrival at destination.

  1. The lessee may not authorize a third party to rental equipment assign or grant rights of any kind in or to the rented property rights under this Agreement.

  2. Should a third party assert by seizure, attachment or similar rights to the rental property, the tenant is obliged to report to the owner without delay by registered display and notify the third party thereof by registered mail.

  3. The tenant has to take appropriate measures to safeguard against theft of the rented property.

  4. The tenant must notify the landlord in all accidents and await his instructions. For traffic accidents and theft, the police should be consulted.

  5. If you think the tenant is guilty of violating the above provisions 1 to 4, he is obliged to compensate the owner for all losses which arises from this.

    1. The completed over a certain lease rental agreement is basically irredeemable for the contractor.

    2. The same is true for the minimum rental under a closed indefinitely lease. After expiry of the minimum rental the tenant has the right to terminate the contract for an indefinite period rental agreement with a term of one day.

    3. At lease for an indefinite period with no minimum rental period of notice of

      • a day when the rent per day

      • two days when the rent per week

      • a week if the rent per month is agreed.

  1. The landlord is entitled to terminate the lease after notice

    1. in the case of § 5 No. 4;

    2. if after conclusion of the contract the landlord will be seen that the right to rental payment is jeopardized by the tenant;

    3. if the tenant without the consent of the lessor the leased or a portion thereof not used as intended or spends to another place;

    4. in cases of violations of § 7 No. 1

  2. Power of the owner of the right acquired under No. 2 right of termination, § 5 No. 4 in conjunction with § § 9 and 10 apply to an application.

  3. The tenant may terminate the lease after notice without notice, if the use of the rental property due to justifiable reasons, the landlord is not possible in the longer term.

Should it be impossible for the tenant negligently or technically compelling reasons to comply with its obligation under § 9 No. 3 obligation to return the rental property, he is obliged to pay damages.

  1. Deviating agreements or amendments to the contract shall be in writing.

  2. If any provision of this agreement be invalid, the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.

  3. Place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction - also for actions in Urkundenund change process - is when the tenant a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a public special fund, for both parties and for all claims of the headquarters of the owner or - at its option - the seat of his branch which concluded the contract. The landlord can sue at the general jurisdiction of the lessee.